Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Destin for the holidays? Check out the Center of My Universe collection at REEDS Jewelers at Destin Commons

We were in Destin over the Thanksgiving holiday and of course, shopping was on the agenda. Destin Commons is the place to go for great shopping when you're anywhere on the Emerald Coast. I can't decide if it's the outside strolling or the variety of stores that makes shopping there so invigorating, but it is.

We  stopped by REEDS Jewelers to check on a charm for my daughters charm bracelet and also took a look at the  new "Center of My Universe" collection featuring the new Forevermark diamond from De Beers.

If you're like me and have been to a movie lately or watched any TV, you've probably seen that beautiful Forevermark commercial for the "Center of My Universe" collection. This is so sappy, but when that little baby girl toddles onto the screen and the narrator said, "Because of her, beautiful things began to grow," I just melt! It's that precious.

(The "Center of My Universe" collection is based on the idea of the one person that life orbits around, because she holds all the pieces together.)

So when I saw the sign in REEDS I thought I'd take a look at the collection and can we just say right now that we LOVED it! Maybe Santa Baby will get the memo!

Beautiful diamonds, responsibly sourced and alluring designs. What's not to love!

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