Saturday, December 8, 2012

Caught you cute at "Fashion Friday" presented by Alexis Barton at the Birmingham Public Library!

If you live in Birmingham, you KNOW Birmingham and its inhabitants are très chic! If you don't have the pleasure of living in Birmingham, we snapped a few photos at Fashion Friday at the Birmingham Public Library just to show you what we mean.

First up is Ms. Vanessa Barnes Miller. She wowed us to pieces in this hounds-tooth dress.  I noticed her as soon as I walked in, because in a crowd of 70-plus people in the Arrington Auditorium at the Birmingham Public Library, she stood out. (In a great way!) When I had a chance to talk with her, I found her personality to be as great as the dress. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

And this column dress, or shift dress I guess I should say, so flattering. This shape has long been a favorite of mine since the first one I bought at Yieldings in Birmingham way back in the day. Ms. Miller's dress brought back so many memories for me that I made a note to myself to return to this style in the very near future!

Vanessa Barnes Miller

Next up we have Ms Jheri Hunter and her daughter Camisha Rivers.

LOVED both of these outfits and had to pull Camish out of the meet and greet line to get a picture because her total look was FIERCE.  She was so fashion forward and was rocking a runway look the REAL WAY, with a bright lime blazer. (BRIGHT bold colors, yes, on the cover of January's British Vogue no less! But you saw it in Birmingham, AL first!)

So Fabilicious!
My I-Phone camera didn't do the outfit or the young lady justice, because I'm telling you, it is SUCH a cute look. I showed the photos to everyone in the office when I got back and we all loved the way the lip was subtle and the earrings were delicate, allowing the blazer to sing.

As I was taking the above photo, another lady turned around to see what all the fuss was and oh, she was so adorable! I immediately said, "Your look is so cute, can I take your picture?" I know that sounds crazy coming from a complete stranger and I can't thank Ms. Hunter enough for participating.

Love the holiday lip!
And yes, you read that right above, Ms. Hunter is the mom of the lovely Camisha in the lime blazer. And again, my I-Phone camera does not do this sweet lady justice, especially her makeup. Those are the best holiday lips I've seen so far this year, this DECADE! Ms. Hunter, if you read this will you leave a comment telling us about that lipstick?

For Ms. Hunter's look, she wowed with a vibrant makeup, and statement necklace and then, SHOES! The dress was great also, with the flow that a holiday dress needs, but the star of this show were lips and heels and it worked soooo perfectly!

The angels probably want to wear these red shoes! 

Ms. Hunter was also rocking one of the newest fashion trends, black with blue, and in our opinion, one of the best new trends. Check out the photo of her entire outfit. Notice the way the necklace picks up the blue in the skirt.

Fashion Friday!

Thanks so much to everyone who allowed me to take your picture at Fashion Friday! And I have more to come, so stay tuned.

And thank you to Alexis Barton of Same Chic Different Day who presented a wonderful fashion program! Ya'll this girl rocks. If you need a fashion or style program presentation, call on Alexis, you will not be disappointed!

Also, the marvelously fashionably and chic Chanda Temple, Director of Public Relations at the Birmingham Library, who birthed this idea, and Birmingham Public Library Director, Irene "Renee" Blaylock, who so graciously welcomed guests and made everyone feel like the library was THEIR library.

Great job! We can't wait for more!


  1. Camisha Rivers is the young lady in the blazer; thanks for such a great piece!

  2. Jheri is a daily walking fashion statement! She is such a classy lady...

    Delores Smith