Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fashion's Night Off - John Thomas at Belk

Can we just say how delighted we were to come across this article in South Park Magazine about John Thomas, executive of private brands at Belk? This interesting guy came across our radar when he was on Project Runway for the Belk challenge. Come on people, admit it, it was great to see a  manly man on that show.

It introduced a level of, um, something we hadn't realized was missing, for lack of a better phrase. But I digress...

You'll find the article here and his wife Tatiana is as beautiful as he is handsome. And the house, so livable but so Garden & Gun at the same time.  And while the name of the article is "Fashion's Night Off," even in this causal setting, Thomas and his wife, along with their home, are what we think of as style-icious! (Rhymes with delicious!)

And as a former copy-writer can I ask who wrote that article title? "Fashion's Night Off."

Like "Fashion's Night Out," but better.

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