Sunday, September 15, 2013

Project Runway- We'll tell you how the modern Southern woman dresses, compliments of Belk!

Like the rest of the world, we here at Birmingham Fashion Blog tune in faithfully to Project Runway. Imagine our excitement when we heard the designers were charged with designing a dress that retail giant Belk was going to carry in the 301 Belk locations and nationally online at!

The episode was interesting and our collective hearts went flutter when John Thomas from Belk walked on the set. Who knew that fashion executives could be so, well, MANLY and attractive. We're thinking he needs his own reality show.

We digress....

What threw us for a loop about this episode was how flustered some of the designers were over the challenge: Designing a dress for Belk's Southern customer. Such an easy task, but yet, so many of them struggled with this, as if the South was a foreign country all together.

So we checked out what Belk is offering for Southern women, and really, women all across the USA via and we think what Belk is offering is HOT! We saw something for everyone and as is our duty, bring some of what we discovered to share with you, our Southern fashion fans.

Belk Fashion Fall 2013: Most Wanted for Women

Charlotte, NC — Get ready for the next big things! Find out the revealing revelations of fall fashion that will amp up any attire. This is just what you’re looking for when it comes to the latest fashion forward finds. Dynamically designed for any occasion, these pieces are key. It’s our cue to review “Most Wanted for Women,” from Belk, the leader of “Modern. Southern. Style.” and Arlene Goldstein, Belk vice president of fashion direction. Here’s the list of fall’s hits and highlights:

1. Slim Trouser – No wardrobe update is complete without fall’s favorite pant. Sleek, simple and easy to wear, this bottom is still first on fashion’s hip parade.

2. Button Front Shirt – Comfy doesn’t always mean casual. Paired with denim or a pencil skirt, this versatile top offers a first class ticket to tailored elegance.

Michael Kors at Belk

3. Statement Jacket – This is the “go to” item that easily upgrades any look. Fitted blazer or boxy crop; military or motocross, this is the wardrobe change that changes everything.

4. Fashion Sweatshirt – This humble sweater has had a high fashion make over. It is an old school classic that is chic yet accessible.

5. Patterned Sweater – From spots and stripes to abstract florals and animal imagery, this knit has a knack for newness. Both pullovers and cardis can take you anywhere,

6. Something Leather – Choose pleather or the real thing, either way sensational skins are a fall must have. Romantic or edgy this material matters.

7. New Knit Dress – Good to go. It is wearable, packable and fashionable. Did I mention modern shapes and sophisticated patterns?

Vince Camuto at Belk

8. Bold Jewels – Check out statement pieces that pack a punch. Rings, necks and a bevy of bracelets. Brilliant stones and bold proportions. Ritzy yet relevant.

9. Satchel – Fashion meets function with precise lines and the ultimate in craftsmanship. The season’s #1 handbag silhouette becomes the exclamation point to your look.

Michael Kors at Belk

10. Short Boots – Dare to wear them with everything from slim pants and skinny jeans to sleek sheaths and snazzy skirts. Be adventurous or just play it safe. Both work!

Sam Edelman at Belk

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  1. Ok, when the guy from Belk walked out with the pink suitcoat, I was transfixed. So attractive. Did not expect that. I'm so accustomed to men in the fashion industry being a little femme. "Not that there's anything wrong with that." But that Belk guy, so refreshing.