Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Girl get your record on!" Tonya Jones SalonSpa

Sometimes, a very pleasant experience reminds me of a song and every time I think of that experience, the soundtrack plays in my mind. It's nice, sort of like MTV back in the old days when they played music.

 ("Girl, get your record on!")

That happened again for me just last week when a friend gave me the gift of a haircut. SHE didn't cut it herself, but called one day and proclaimed, "You're going to Tonya Jones SalonSpa, call them and make your appointment." So I did, but honestly I didn't want to. I even put it off for a few days so I could think of a way to try and get out of it. Horrible, right?

By way of explanation, I have a sort of hair appointment resistance. I just can't find anyone who understands my hair. I'm Caucasian, but my hair has extreme curliness which flips right over into pure frizz at the slightest provocation. At the same time the hair itself is very fine, but it LOOKS like it's hale and hearty, so it has fooled many a stylist who thought they could razor the ends for extra body. It never works and after most hair appointments I found myself rocking the ponytail for a few months while whatever style my hair was supposed to be grew out a bit.

But there I was on a balmy Saturday driving through Birmingham to Mountain Brook to  Tonya Jones SalonSpa. Nervous would be an understatement. I'm more relaxed before a root canal!

To be continued........

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