Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's Oscar night! I rarely watch movies but I do love the clothes!

For starters; I love Halley Berry. I don't love that dress she is wearing. Makes her matronly before her time.

I like Jennifer Anniston's just ok, the color is pretty, but I'd like to see her in something more sleek.

Jennifer Lawrence. You've heard the song "Fade to Black?" Her dress is cute but it became the song, "Fade to Pink."

Jessica Chastain. Liked the style of the dress. Old Hollywood glam. But the color kind of ran away with her.

Reese Witherspoon. The gown is too bulky in the wrong places. It's not horrible, but it's almost beneath her in a way. But then the color sort of picks it up again and I almost like it.

Amy Adams in grey. It just sort of faded away....

Brandi Granville. Girl, put the girls up. All that flopping around upstairs took the attention off the very pretty downstairs of the dress.

Kelly Osborne. The 70's called and want their lounge singer gown back. Your granny called and wants her hair.

The first dress I've almost really liked: Giuliana Rancic

The first dress I've really liked! Kelly Rowland in the black and white structured dress!

Octavia Spencer: That dress works for her. I probably wouldn't be impressed with it on anyone else, but I like it on her.

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