Monday, July 2, 2012

Feeling a little blog love tonight, because it's too hot to get out in it. So I'm home reading about it!

What is this "it" I speak of? Well, it's fashion, and fun, and frolic, and even dare I say, fellowship! Just checking in with some very good bloggers and writers from across the South and seeing what they are up to in this heat!

First up is Ariel Clay. She's out in it! Out in the heat and out in her fashion, check her out at the Art on the Rocks event. Isn't that dress great? And the Vince Camuto shoes? Delish! Ariel has a rare quality for a Southern Fashion Blogger. She can be out and about in our "warm" weather and not look the slightest bit effected. She also manages to do that during her live news reports at a local news station. I must remember to ask her secret! But check out her blog, because it's very fresh and very Birmingham.

Then how about the girl who puts the GLAM in BIRMINGHAM? Alexis Barton and her Same Chic, Different Day blog never fail to inspire. She writes with wit and clarity, and some of our favorite posts from Alexis are the "No sir, no mam!" posts! Alexis also keeps her finger on the fashion pulse outside of Birmingham also and we LOVE to read her fashion reviews on big Hollywood events. It makes us feel all the more fashionable to see how often we agree with Alexis' take on a look, she just writes it better than we ever could!

The ArtBelles are on a very temporary hiatus during a recovery period, but trust me, their blog is great for reading and meandering through while you sip some lemonade and think cool thoughts. You'll enjoy reading about these floral cuties, or perhaps one of their TV spot reports is more your speed? Or better yet, what about one of their famous food post? Whether it's a fab & festive meal they've made themselves, or their review of a DELICIOUS and trendy Over the Mountain eatery called Johnny Brusco’s New York Style Pizza, you'll be pleased that you stayed a while with the ArtBelles. It's like visiting family.

Or maybe you're up around Charlotte and wanted to see what's shaking in the Queen City. Check in with T. Strong. She's a well known columnist with Creative Loafing, but she also runs her own visually interesting and verbally exciting fashion blog, "StyleMayvin." T. Strong has it all at her blog. Hot looks, big names and big fashion news, local events to keep you in the know and her own personal appearances on Fox Charlotte to keep you interested. If you need a Charlotte Fashion Blogger, T. Strong is the one you want!

Maybe you really just need a good enough reason and the inspiration to forget about the heat and embrace summer in all it's sun-filled glory? Look no further than Erica's D.I.Y. Style blog. Her summer yellow dress is just eye-poppingly gorgeous, I kid you not. And all the more so because she MADE IT BY HAND. But fear not fellow fashionista, Erica always tells us where she finds her fabulous shoes and accompanying purses that are always an important part of her total look. And she looks GOOD!

I had a chance to introduce myself to Erica a few months ago. I almost gushed. Ok, I did gush. I couldn't help it. "You look so pretty on the blog, but you are so gorgeous in person!" And she is. But best of all, she's so kind and sweet and showed me the most adorable pictures of her grandbaby. Awwww. It was my favorite part of the day.

To cap things off, you might be in the mood to take it easy and drag your fingers through a cool deep stream of running water to beat the heat. The kind of stream that flows merrily in places, grows quite in others and springs back life when flowing waters cascade down mossy rocks.

Check out Hem's For Her, by Katie Frost. High School English Teacher by day, fashion blogger by afternoon, and mom by night. She's a mom alright, but not a mommy blogger, unless you count the times her adorable son is featured in mom's fashion shoots.Katie is what I call a "girl's girl" blogger. And that's a compliment. Because most of us girls don't have the perfect body. And Katie knows that. Struggling  with a little baby weight? No problem. Katie shows you how to dress fashionably in clothes that flatter no matter what the situation. A little curvy up top? Check out Katie's solutions to that common problem. And more than that, read about Katie embracing her body and dressing it well, and not breaking the bank. And then when all the fashion reading is done, dip your fingers in the cool, slower moving pool of Katie's thoughts and musings on life. She's entertaining and interesting, I always leave Katie's blog with a smile on my face.

Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

So check out a few bloggers see what Birmingham Fashion Blogging is all about! (And one Charlotte Fashion Blogger.)


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    1. Erica, I had a call July 5 from a reporter at a local TV station morning show. Their guest had scheduled unexpectedly for the July 4th show, and they needed a guest to speak about kids 4th of July Fashion and I immediately thought of you!

  2. I loved getting an overview of all these local bloggers (and Charlotte- a place I'd love to visit!) Thank you so much for your super kind words- I need a testimony page on my blog- so I can post it there!

    1. Sometimes I feel like I have friends that I don't even know, because I love keeping up with my local bloggers. Yes, I know there are bigger cities out there making bigger fashion news, but hey, fashion happens in Leeds and Trussville also! And Hoover and Homewood. We're every where! And you're part of the group of bloggers I keep up with!

  3. Thank you so much for the nice write up! You make us sound far better than we really are ;-) Thanks again for supporting ArtBLT!!! We can't wait to show our summer fashion posts!

    1. Can't wait to see the posts and you are TOO modest!!