Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jessica Simpson finally had her baby! Congrats to her, now what about you?

Babies are the next big thing in fashion and it is sooo much fun to buy those sweet little baby clothes. Can you imagine the wardrobe little Maxwell Drew Johnson is going to have? And I miss those days of oooohhing and aaaahing over smocked onsies from Feltman Brothers. My wee one is now 7 and he's all boy. He only ever wants to wear blue jeans. Not shorts, not kahkis, just blue jeans.

So far we have the best luck in finding blue jeans for him (at of all places) Target! He doesn't like the ones with all those crazy washes, just the regular denim. Whew! But I digress...

I wanted to talk about Alexis Barton at and her pregnancy fashion tips! She really hit it out of the park yesterday and today and I think you'll really enjoy her column if you're expecting. Even if your're not, it's still a great read. Alexis posts as as a fashion blogger and at her own site: Check her out!

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