Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Love!

First, let me start by recommending you go right over to Alexis Barton's blog "Same Chic Different Day" and sign up to follow her by email. Very good writer and always so on target with her fashion observances.

Didn't have a chance to watch all of the Oscar's since Chris Hastings of Hot & Hot Fish Club was on Iron Chef America, where he actually WON! But I did get up early to check out all the Oscar Fashion.

One of my favorite sites to check after a big event is Megan Larussa's Southern Femme. She usually puts everything in one big report that you can just scroll through, which is helpful if you're  pressed for time.

Here are a few random Oscar thoughts I had:

Best 70's Virginia Slims Cigarette Commercial flashback: Jennifer Lopez.

That dress grew on me: Michelle Williams:  And she's the only person who could have pulled that off. Lovely gamine.

Solid Gold: Stacey Keibler. She wrestled that gold gown to the mat and won! Loved. That. Dress.

Not Solid Gold: Meryl Streep. Love her, not the dress.

Do you feel ok? That pasty pale gown look has got to go. It doesn't work on anyone.

White isn't always right: With the exceptions of the flawless Gwyneth Paltrow, the delicate Li Bingbing and the effervescent Octavia Spencer, white was  way overdone on the red carpet.

White IS right: For Milla Jovovich. She's my second place top pick for ultimate beauty and glamour. 

First Place: Just loved Viola Davis. Everything. Hair. Dress. She's the total package.

Could have been so much better: I love big curvy girls. I'm the curvy sort myself. But I do so wish Melissa McCarthy had received the memo that billowing yards of fabric DO NOT make one look slimmer.

That dress wore her: The winner of this category is a toss up between Emma Stone and her big red floppy bow,

and Angelina Jolie and her floppy contorted right leg. 

And with that herky leg shot, I'll sign off for now. Rock it Angie!

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  1. Tell me this: Why is Jennifer Lopez even at the Oscars?