Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Cold Temps and Thoughts of Spring Fashions" by Melissa Nowers

Thought you might like to read some fashion news from Nashville.

Follow the link to read what Style Express blogger Melinda Nowers has to say about Belk's Spring Fashion forecast.

"Last week before I left for the mountains, I was kindly invited to Belk’s Spring Preview.  Arlene Goldstein their fashion forecaster, went over Belk’s view of the upcoming season.  They had some great thoughts and fun items picked out to represent their take on Spring 2012.
Reading about the shows last fall, Belk seems to be right on target.  BIG pops of color will be a hit.  The color tangerine will be a major factor, it has slowly been inching forward for a couple of seasons now....." 

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